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:: Saturday, December 14, 2002 ::

Imperial Stuff

I have become a part of the Imperial blogFamily. Thanks, blogfather. Wow, that feels nice. No I am not making this up.

UPDATE:Here's the official declaration
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I know I haven't been posting at my usual rate but that's because I have exams (I am a 19 year-old university student)

I try to get a little bit of blogging in everyday.

Have to go sleep now.
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Pinter and Steyn

Pinter has some garbage out on how the US is a bloodthirsty animal. Steyn dishes it out to him

It's humorous and also refutes what Pinter says.

Via a comment on this LGF post.
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Here's a great article in NRO by Dave Koppel and Gary Mauser. Mauser is a professor at Simon Frasier University in British Columbia, Canada. It's about the gun registry and other Canadian happenings. Pretty cool.

Link via Canadian Loudmouth
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Quote of the Day

I know it's late, but here it is and this for yesterday:

"To be pleased with one's limits is a wretched state."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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:: Friday, December 13, 2002 ::

Rachel Lucas is calling for ideas to make a believer of a non-believer in the 2nd Amendment.
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This is something I made up, in case you were wondering.

The Aham Fiskami is a butchering of Sanskrit. Translated as such, it means, I am Fisking.
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:: Thursday, December 12, 2002 ::
Jimmeh in ArabNews

Yet again I invoke Fiska with the universal prayer:

Aham Fiskami

Well, Jimmeh peanut boy has offered to mediate in the Middle East. That's right. Hahahaha. Sorry, that's just too funny.

The reporter is writing from "OCCUPIED JERUSALEM," not just Jerusalem but occupied. What a joke.

Speaking to students at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, the winner of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize said he “would go immediately and with great alacrity,” to the Middle East, but only if the parties concerned and the US government asked him to.

The Swedes only gave gim the Nobel because they don't like Bush and not for any other reason. Yasir would like Jimmeh there but I don't think Shraon thinks as highly of him. I don't know about Bush though; yeah he doesn't want him screwing it up but, who knows some Paleo-simian might just bomb the joint and we can be rid of Jimmeh. Mwahahahhaa.

"Until President Bush, every president, Democratic or Republican, has in my opinion played a balancing role as a trusted mediator,” he said. “Now though it seems obvious that the present administration in Washington is completely compatible with the Israeli government and they have completely ignored...the Palestinian Authority.”

Well, that's because, before we were unaware of the kind of terrorism that the Israelis have had to live through. Only after 9/11 did we realize who our true friends are and who is the enemy. That includes Arafat. Israel is a democratic country while there is not a single Arab democracy.

The rest of the article describes the deaths of 7 Palestinians and 2 Israelis. I'm not willing to Fisk the exact stories behind it, that's alread been done.

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ArabNews Letters

I am invoking the Hindu goddess, Fiska with this prayer:

Aham Fiskami.

Let's get to it.

Here's a great letter from A Liberal Democrat, USA:

The US: An empire in a permanent state of war.

Yes, we fought in WWI, WWII, and we fought a cold and sometimes hot war with communism. For the last 100 years there have been entities that have wanted to end our way of life. Now it is radical Islam. We will fight that war too. We will fight it until THEY are defeated as well.

Until all of the world’s people live under self-government, there will always be someone who will want to eliminate freedom and democracy. And the United States will lead the world in the struggle to save it.

Look around. Count how many Arab countries have truly representative governments. There are none. Look into your hearts and ask yourself why.

Do you not trust yourself to govern yourself? What are you afraid of?

After Sept. 11, the world changed and we are now at war with the radicals. It’s up to each one of you, individually, to decide which side you will be on. The side of peace or the side of war.

Short, sweet and succint.

A certain Mr. Nizam Addien B. Yagoub of Abqaiq writes about the screening and security checks that we do on travellers.

So much for globalization and free travel:

When have we ever said free travel? It's free trade!!!

The United States has fingerprinted and photographed the wife of Yemen’s ambassador in Canada who was traveling to the United States as a tourist. The security checks were carried out despite her identifying herself as the wife of a Yemeni diplomat and possessing a diplomatic passport.

This is a specific policy only for the US-Canada border because of the open border (relatively) and the fact that Canada lets in just about anyone including terrorists.

The Americans have every right to apply their own security checks on all those who choose to visit their country; so have we.

Sure. G'head. Don't we already need visas to go there? I have no idea about the policies of the Gulf states in this regard.

I suggest that all Arab nations pull aside every American (diplomat, businessman or tourist traveler) from airport queues, fingerprint and photograph them, and inspect their luggage. Hopefully, this should promote mutual respect between the United States and its “Arab friends”.

When was the last time a bunch of Americans hijacked a plane and crashed it into, say, Mecca or Medinah or even Jeddah? Hmmm. Didn't think so. The Arab friends thing is garbafe in any case, since eventually, we will have to take care of each of them.

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I can't access my blog from my computer for some reason. I'm on a LAN with my room mate we connect through a hub. I can access it using his computer.

I haven't been able to access Cato's site either. This sucks.
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Dear Leader News

Just read an article in the Times about what Bush thinks of North Korea and the Dear Leader. The last sentence is the clincher:

But one thing is clear: Mr Bush will not rest on any laurels he may collect in Baghdad. Pyongyang is his next target.

Axis of Evil, my friends. Iraq is going down, that will lead to Iran falling on it's own and then we go after Dear Leader. Woohoo.

I think that the anti-war people/appease-niks come across as rascist. They don't want us to liberate these brown and yellow skinned people. Do they think that these people don't deserve freedom?

Of course going in is partly selfish, but what's wrong with getting something while the oppressed people of the world gain freedom? We will feel more secure knowing that free people will want to emulate our freedom and not try to crush it.

The more free people there are in the world, the safer it is. When was the last time two free (really free, none of the fake democracies count) nations fought each other?
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Here's what I think about guns:

I am a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

I favor gun control, but not in the way it is commonly defined. I think that the clinically insane, the mentally disturbed, people with violent felony convictions and arms related felonies and children should not be allowed to possess guns. Other than that, every responsible adult over the age of 18 should have the legal right to bear arms and should get training before acquiring a gun. I'm not going to say that the government should have a law for training because that will just increase the size of the gummint and encroach on our freedom in one way or another.

Gotcha, didn't I, with the gun control???

I'm all for responsible gun ownership.
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Lott's a goner

Bush has finally said something on the matter and I think he's done a good job:

Recent comments - recent comments by Senator Lott do not reflect the spirit of our country. He has apologized, and rightly so. Every day our nation was segregated was a day that America was unfaithful to our founding ideals. And the founding ideals of our nation and, in fact, the founding ideals of the political party I represent was, and remains today, the equal dignity and equal rights of every American.

The speech is here

Via Andrew Sullivan
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Does anyone know how to upload stuff onto blogspot? Currently, I have to steal bandwidth from other people to put up an image. I don't like doing that but it's the only thing I know how to do.
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Lee Harris of the Policy Review Institute has written a brilliant article on the intellectual origins of Anti-Americanism. I must warn you, it is long but definitely worth the time. It's recommended reading.

Via Tim Blair
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Rand Simberg has a theory on why Lott's still Majority Leader. Link via Sasha/Dodge
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Saudi American Forum

This is a forum for U.S. citizens woh value the relationship between the Kingdom and the US. They intend to provide timely and accurate infomation on the Us-Saudi relationship, etc.

Email them here. I don't know all that much about them, but I do have a message for them:

Get that King/Crown Prince of yours to stop funding terrorists and start funding democracy in his own country. Saudi Arabia is an ally of convenieve, not a friend. We use them to stabilize oil prices and ensure that Europe (those asswipes) and Japan (they're cool) get their oil.

That blight of a regime better play ball with us or it's ass will be grass and Bush will be the lawnmower.
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WaPo news

Wapo has an article on Al-Qaeda affiliates acquiring VX from the the Iraqis. The Bushies have credible evidence but there is no evidence linking it to Sadass Hussein. Pretty strange, last time I checked Iraq was dictatorship and Sadass was the only guy in charge. So, if he didn't do it, then who?
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:: Wednesday, December 11, 2002 ::
Funny Stuff

Check this out.

Courtesy of Canadian Loudmouth
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Bill Quick brings back something from the past courtesy of FoxNews:

Waiting to be attacked in a Pearl Harbor-like attack where several thousand people were killed results in several thousand people being killed," Rumsfeld said.
"Waiting to be attacked by someone who has been developing and has used weapons of mass destruction where you're looking at risking not several thousand of people but potentially several tens of thousands of people or hundreds of thousands of people is quite a different thing."

This is from August of 2001. Yup. That's right.
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Quote of the Day:

'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.
Abraham Lincoln

Hehehehe. This especially applies to Idiotarians. The moment they open their mouths, 'tis a flood of mindless dreck.
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I was just watching CNN and Aaron Brown was talking about Lott. That's all I'm going to say about him except that he should step down. Not for what he said, which was stupid in itself, but for being such a bad leader.
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His Majesty fisks the Mikey Moore for Prez petition. It's hilarious (both the fisking and the idea). G'head.

It also includes an acknowledgement to me, so thanks.
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Jane Galt has a snippet from Steyn's latest. Here's a snippet of the snippet:

Mr. Kerry's opposed to the death penalty because it's too wimpy. "Putting somebody to sleep on a gurney" isn't cruel enough for Mr. Kerry's tastes. Keep him in jail watching cable TV decade after decade. "That is tough, my friend," says Mr. Kerry, not like dying, which -- in case he hasn't mentioned it this soundbite -- is something he knows a lot about: Only gutless pansy types let these killers off easy by sending 'em to Old Sparky. This is Mr. Kerry's answer to compassionate conservatism: sadistic liberalism.

That Steyn manages to write great stuff every week. How does he pull it off?
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Freedom and Whiskey has the following observation about Scotland's police:

Today's Daily Mail tells us that there are 15,324 serving police officers in Scotland. That seems quite a lot but on a typical day 4,904 of them are working in "administration and specialist departments" and 6,957 are "either on holiday, off sick, in court or carrying out paperwork". Of the remaining 3,463, a mere 4%, that is 138 officers, are on foot patrol in the whole country at any time, with a further 588 driving around in their cars. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is not quite what the public expects.

Jeez, what a waste.
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Lashkar-e-Toiba is a terrorist group operating in Kashmir. It has been banned by Pakistan and is on the terror list of the US. The founder of this group, who just happened to quit the day before it was banned just came out of jail and is currently under "house" arrest. On Sunday, he married the widow of a terrorist of his group who was killed fighting the Indians two years ago. She was raising five kids and this is the reason he married her. Of course, he could have thought about the kids before sending their father to death. Oh and she is his second wife.

Via Dancing with Dogs

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I have a few days of rest before I have to get back to studying hardcore. Phew.

Back to blogging, France has finally decided to support us in Iraq. Via Dilacerator.

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:: Tuesday, December 10, 2002 ::
North Korean Scuds have been found on a ship bound for the Middle East. Hmmm. There's nothing to see here, folks, just some over-sized dildos, made especially for Sadass Hussein. No info on the destination of the ship but I'm guessing it was Iraq. Which other regime has been threatened by the United States and who's military is in sorry shape as well?

Link via Instapundit
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Quote of the Day

This is something that I'm starting on a trial basis. Here goes:

"We shall fight on the beaches. We shall fight on the landing grounds. We shall fight in the fields, and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills. We shall never surrender!" Speech about Dunkirk given in House of Commons June 4, 1940 by Winston Churchill.

This is the attitude we have to adopt for our War on Islamofascism.

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Michele has a post about a poster (the type you put up on a wall) at indymedia. It leaves me speechless.
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Indepundit on break

Scott Koenig is taking a hiatus from blogging because of an opportunity to work in an internaitional venture.

Good luck and you will be missed.
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Cause of the Week

This week's Cause is Support the Brave Students of Iran by his Majesty.
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For all you Indophiles and Indian news junkies, in case you don't know about it, Samachar.com is a great source for news from the main Indian English dailies.

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There's a new multi-author blog up: MOOREWATCH. It's founding fathers and mother are Lee of Right-Thinking, Jim Kenefick of Right Thoughts and Rachel Lucas. In it's own words:

MOOREWATCH is dedicated to unearthing the truth behind the doublespeak and falsehood that spews from the mouth (and keyboard) of Michael Moore on a regular basis. Moore is a disingenuous danger to this country, and his assumptions and assertions should not go unchallenged. The collective expertise and research abilities of the entire Internet are more than enough to debunk most of the nonsense Moore regularly puts forth as fact, and we at MOOREWATCH hope to be the clearinghouse for this information.

They are looking for new bloggers to be contributors. Sounds damn cool.
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I don't know what's going on with the italicization. Maybe Blogger is having a problem. I should move but it costs a decent amount of money and I don't know if I'm ready to commit that much to this venture.
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A very sensible and completelt free of bullshit letter in ArabNews. I'm reproducing it in full because, well, it's just the first clear-headed letter I've seen there:

Saddam’s apology

Saddam Hussein’s apology to Kuwait for the 1990 invasion was caused by the fear of a possible war with the United States. Otherwise, why an apology now? A man who has invaded all his neighbors — Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia — is not a person that can be trusted.

The apology was to fool the world and his former victims, Kuwait in particular. The Kuwaiti reaction was absolutely right. They said that Saddam should address his apology, first of all, to the Iraqi people who are being repressed since he came to power.

If Saddam is really sorry for his actions, he should respect Kuwait’s independence and borders and release Kuwait prisoners of war. If the Kuwaiti people are brothers for Saddam Hussein, as he claims, why has he been holding them as POWs since August 1990?

While he has committed crimes against all his neighbors, those who suffered most under him are the Iraqis themselves. Thousands are dying of starvation and disease, and the number is increasing due to the embargo. It is good propaganda to blame America and the United Nations for the embargo. But is it not a fact that the embargo would have been lifted a long time ago if he had implemented the conditions of the cease-fire that saved his skin 12 years ago?

M. Abdul Hadi, Jeddah published 10 December 2002

Thank you M. Abdul Hadi for showing me that there are voices of reason and moderation in the Kingdom, even though they are not heard as often as they should.

He makes a lot more sense than a Paul Coviello of Massachusetts (otherwise known as Tax-achusetts):

According to Paul, just because

I want to thank Sandra for her letter (Dec. 6) about the reduction in American veterans’ benefits. Similarly, the school budgets have been cut, as have medical benefits to the poor and to retired citizens. Meanwhile, our tax dollars pour into Israel which is not even considered a developing nation.

So, they are a crucial ally and a beacon of democracy in the Middle East. We should help them in any way we can.

Given recent estimates that an Iraq war could cost as much as $1.9 trillion (our entire budget) coupled with considerable infrastructure repairs required to excavate Iraqi oil fields, I think it is unlikely that oil is the reason Washington is going ahead with its tough stance.

While I completely agree that oil is not the reason we're going into Iraq, where did that $1.9 trillion figure come from? I dont see any sources.

I think the Bush administration is simply a one-trick pony that no one would have bothered to remember if not for Sept. 11. Given a reprieve from its own mediocrity, the Bush crowd is going to ride this wave as far as it will take them. As former President Clinton said in a speech the other night, “When frightened, people would rather have someone who is strong and wrong than someone who is right but appears weak.”

What in God's name is he saying here? First of all quoting Bubba isn't a great way to substantiate your argument. Is he saying that after Bush was done with Afghanistan, he pulled Iraq out of a hat filled with names of countries we should go after? He doesn't really explain himself.

Whether or not this is being done intentionally in the US I can’t say, but the end result is essentially the same.

This is with regards to what happens in Communist countries. Paul says that they keep their citizens so busy struggling to survive that they don't have the time to create trouble. So tell me again, how this is similar to the situation in the US?

I mean we all know about the lack of freedom we have here. I better not criticize Bush or I'll be sent to a re-education camp in Alaska. Oops, we aren't supposed to know about those. And of course, we can't own anything either.

According to Paul we are becoming more impoverished and Communist-like because we are reducing benefits given to senior citizens and the poor, cutting school budgets and giving money to Israel? Paul, tell me how this works, please. I fail to see any logic in his arguments. He jumps around without connecting the dots.

While ArabNews has many more idiotarian letters, i dont feel like repeating my arguments over and over (while changing names and places), here are a couple of highlights:

An American, Otis G. from Newark, NJ writes the oft-repeated leftist mantra that Dubya is the most intellectualy incompetent man to have ever been elected President. Well, Otis, how does it feel to have been beated by this incompetent moron?

A.M. from Jeddah calls the Indian government a group of Hindu terrorists and calls for the world to disarm them. Now, while India has it's problems with domestic terrorism, calling a democratically elected government (and it hadn't become a dictatorship the last time I checked) a bunch of terrorists is similar to the argument that America is controledd by the Zionists. A.M. come up with an acutal argument instead of engaging in name-calling.

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As you may already know, Lott has apologized.

Tom Daschle (that's right) is defending him, while asswipes like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are making noise. This pretty much reduces the credibility of anyone who wants Lott's head.

Link thanks to Instaman
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:: Monday, December 09, 2002 ::
As you can see, I've changed the background color. It's much more readable ( I think so, at least). I tried increasing the font size, but to no avail. If some one knows how to do it on blogger, tell me. I wouldn't mind increasing it by a couple of sizes.
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Right-Thinking has a post on a petition to persuade Mikey Moore to run for President in '04. I think it's a brilliant idea. No, seriously. He would take away enough votes from the Democrats that Bush would have the most votes and win hands down.

I'm beginning to think that Hillary was right about the VRWC, I mean this has to be something Karl Rove came up with.

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Bush has chosen CSX Chairman John Snow to be his Treasury Secretary. I don't know anything about him.

Via Martin Devon aka PatioPundit
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Jen has a great post on Trent Lott's comments and the whole race thing in general.

To all those who claim that Republicans are rascists and have it out for the minorities, go read it. She's a die-hard conservative and she aint rascist, so go shove it.

While the Republicans have some rascists in their party, they're mostly the Old South-Dixiecrat generation who are gradually retiring. Lott should gracefully leave as Leader of the Republicans. The Democrats have their own rascists, including Robert KKK Byrd. The Professor has the goods on him here and here.

There's not too much noise on either issue from the media.
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A friend of mine, sends me this gem:


Here is nothing new nor aught unproven," say the Trumpets,
"Many feet have worn it and the road is old indeed.
"It is the King--the King we schooled aforetime! "
(Trumpets in the marshes-in the eyot at Runnymede!)

"Here is neither haste, nor hate, nor anger," peal the Trumpets,
"Pardon for his penitence or pity for his fall.
"It is the King!"--inexorable Trumpets--
(Trumpets round the scaffold af the dawning by Whitehall!)

. . . . . . .

"He hath veiled the Crown And hid the Scepter," warn (he Trum pets,
"He hath changed the fashion of the lies that cloak his will.
"Hard die the Kings--ah hard--dooms hard!" declare the Trumpets,
Trumpets at the gang-plank where the brawling troop-decks fill!

Ancient and Unteachable, abide--abide the Trumpets!
Once again the Trumpets, for the shuddering ground-swell brings
Clamour over ocean of the harsh, pursuing Trumpets--
Trumpets of the Vanguard that have sworn no truce with Kings!

All we have of freedom, all we use or know--
This our fathers bought for us long and long ago.

Ancient Right unnoticed as the breath we draw--
Leave to live by no man's leave, underneath the Law.

Lance and torch and tumult, steel and grey-goose wing
Wrenched it, inch and ell and all, slowly from the king.

Till our fathers 'stablished,, after bloody years,
How our King is one with us, first among his peers.

So they bought us freedom-not at little cost--
Wherefore must we watch the King, lest our gain be lost.

Over all things certain, this is sure indeed,
Suffer not the old King: for we know the breed.

Give no ear to bondsmen bidding us endure.
Whining "He is weak and far"; crying "Time will cure."

(Time himself is witness, till the battle joins,
Deeper strikes the rottenness in the people's loins.)

Give no heed to bondsmen masking war with peace.
Suffer not the old King here or overseas.

They that beg us barter--wait his yielding mood--
Pledge the years we hold in trust-pawn our brother's blood--

Howso' great their clamour, whatsoe'er their claim,
Suffer not the old King under any name!

Here is naught unproven--here is naught to learn.
It is written what shall fall if the King return.

He shall mark our goings, question whence we came,
Set his guards about us, as in Freedom's name.

He shall take a tribute, toll of all our ware;
He shall change our gold for arms--arms we may not bear.

He shall break his Judges if they cross his word;
He shall rule above the Law calling on the Lord.

He shall peep and mutter; and the night shall bring
Watchers 'neath our window, lest we mock the King --

Hate and all division; hosts of hurrying spies;
Money poured in secret, carrion breeding flies.

Strangers of his counsel, hirelings of his pay,
These shall deal our Justice: sell-deny-delay.

We shall drink dishonour, we shall eat abuse
For the Land we look to--for the Tongue we use.

We shall take our station, dirt beneath his feet,
While his hired captains jeer us in the street.

Cruel in the shadow, crafty in the sun,
Far beyond his borders shall his teachings run.

Sloven, sullen, savage, secret, uncontrolled,
Laying on a new land evil of the old--

Long-forgotten bondage, dwarfing heart and brain--
All our fathers died to loose he shall bind again.

Here is nought at venture, random nor untrue
Swings the wheel full-circle, brims the cup anew.

Here is naught unproven, here is nothing hid:
Step for step and word for word--so the old Kings did!

Step by step, and word by word: who is ruled may read.
Suffer not the old Kings: for we know the breed--

All the right they promise--all the wrong they bring.
Stewards of the Judgment, suffer not this King !

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The Anti-Idiot has a post in reply to one by Aziz Poonawalla. Rather interesting debate on the "Religion of Peace."

I think that the media should give more coverage to moderate Muslims who come out and condemn this extremeism.

The moderate Muslims should condemn this blight or be considered a supporter by default. There's no two ways about it- you're either with us, or you're against us. Life may not be black and white but this is the new face of war, where, if you don't tell us that you're with us, it will be assumed that you don't support us even if you do.

This sounds harsh but it is reality and truth is a bitter pill to swallow.

I also remember a post in LGF some time ago about a prominent Muslim in LA who condemed this violence and he was shouted down by other members of the LA Muslim community.

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:: Sunday, December 08, 2002 ::
I've been visiting ArabNews a lot recently. The reason is that they always have some Fiskable material around. They have at least one piece everyday that needs to be Fisked.

Pursuant to Imperial Law, I hereby declare a Fiskwah™ on this Editorial.

I am also going to Fisk™ it myself.

Here goes:

Reports that Al-Qaeda operatives had set up shop in Gaza show how far Israel and the United States have gone in milking the Sept. 11 attacks to maximum benefit.

What the f*ck is he talking about? Milking the attacks? Is he trying to say that we used the 9/11 attacks to justify our previously planned attack on Afghanistan? Is he talking about Iraq, which, even if it doesn't have ties to Al-Qaeda, sponsors terrorism, oops I mean the freedom struggle in Palestine. Iraq also has/is getting WMDs.

The facts surrounding the story remain murky. Some reports say that Palestinian security forces had arrested a group of Palestinians for collaborating with Israel and posing as Al-Qaeda operatives. Obviously, Sharon dreamed up the idea in order to justify attacks in Palestinian areas. And the United States was right behind as the abettor. As Israel was raiding Bureij, the American media reported that Al-Qaeda has set up a branch to help Palestinian militant groups fight Israel.

His Majesty has already adressed the issue of the made-up Al-Qaeda cell here. I dont need to adress it. Just because there are some reports (from unbiased sources like Arafat) that there was a fake cell doesn't mean that they are true. American media (controlled by the evil Zionists) reported that Al-Qaeda had set-up a cell because they saw credible evidence.

Just look at the double standard here. Arafat-media says something and it is automatically believed while a free media in America and Israel are presented as liars.

As for the creation of a Palestinian state, Sharon offered tentative backing and a host of conditions: the removal of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat; strict limits on Palestinian security forces; that it be completely demilitarized and that Israel control both airspace over the new state and access to and from its territory; and insistence that all attacks on Israelis have to end before any concessions would be made. Perhaps for all the above reasons, Sharon called the plan “logical, realistic and feasible.”

If you attack my people almost daily and then have the impunity to ask for a state, I will demand complete and total demilitarization and no attacks before I give you an acre. It is completely reasonable and logical. Arafat is involved with terrorism and doesn't want to deal, so why offer him anything good, when you know that the only thing he will be satisfied with is an utter and complete destruction of the state of Israel.

Although the plan calls for a provisional Palestinian state by next year and a final agreement by 2005, Sharon claimed it would have no set schedule, relying instead on evidence of Palestinian concessions.

No shit, if the Palestinians don't comply with what they agree on, why should Israel keep their side of the bargain? It takes two to tango.

That seems good. right?

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I have exams starting tomorrow, so posting will be extremely light.
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See my iFAQ for the background. I think it's cool. Whaddya think?

I tried changing the font, have yet to succeed.
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Michele Fisks™ a thread over at Indymedia.

Leftists always reaffirm my belief that they resort to name calling whenever they don't have an argument (which happens a lot of times).
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A TSA Screener, Chris Daley has a blog. That's what's so damn cool about the internet in general and blogging in particular. He has a post about an article written by Brock Yates on airport security.

It's an insider's view. Check it out.

Link via the Professor.
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I've changed the color of the background of my iFAQ. See if you like it. If it is approved, I will use the same color for this page.
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I'm testing a new template right now.

A minute later: its too much of a hassle. All the customizations are lost, so I'd have to re-enter the blogroll code, the comments code, the reciproll link, change other little things.
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A reader has emailed me and said that I should remove the black background because it provides one of the worst levels of contrast. Whaddya think and how do I do it? Do you think I should change the template altogether? Replies, comments.
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The Sydney Morning Herald has a piece of garbage (some may call it an article) that fawns all over Mikey Moore. He is reported to have been soaked by the slobber.

Tim Blair has got this covered.
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Yes Saddam has apologized for invading Iraq, as you may have heard or read. Of course, the apology is only 12 years too late and there is no mention of the 605 hostages he took. I don't know if this is the way they do it in the Middle East, but he apologized to Allah and the Kuwaitis by saying that he is sorry about any act that angered him and was held against the Iraqis and he also apologizes to the Kuwaitis in the same way.

Sounds pretty damn shifty. He said that he only invaded Kuwait because they were plotting along with us to invade Iraq. Here's more.
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