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:: Saturday, December 07, 2002 ::

The Guardian has an article on Saddam's declaration. The headline says it all: Saddam risks war over arms dossier

Is Saddam really stupid or incredibly naive? I mean, come on. This idiot needs to wake up and smell reality. 'Nuff said.

Link via Robert Prather
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I've crossed 300. Woohoo. It's my fastest 100 yet. Cool.

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ArabNews drivel

I keep going back to ArabNews because there is such a large volume of fiskable material available. They never disappoint me. Here's some new garbage about the media reaction to the Gaza Strip "massacre."

Time for some fun.

“Israel, which likes to remind the world that it is the most barbarous and bloody state, has given an Eid gift to the Palestinians by carrying out a new massacre,” said Saudi daily Al-Watan.

What about all the suicide bombings? Since the Palestinians don't have a state, I guess it doesn't count. Although 10 people died, I wouldn't call it a massacre. Is this the same sort of massacre that happened in Jenin?

In Doha, Al-Raya urged the Arabs “to change strategy and tactics in the face of Israel and those who support it in the United States. “The massacre message is that the terrorist Sharon no longer takes any account of the anger of Arabs and Muslims,” said the Dubai government daily Al-Bayan.

No shit!! If you keep killing Israelis, why wil Sharon listen to you? Terrorist Sharon? What about Arafat?

Enough for now.

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Jen has a couple of pics of the National Christmas Tree Ceremony. Christmas is great fun, especially if you're a kid. I love getting gifts, hell, I am a capitalist, lol.

Getting a little more serious, since I'm very much in favor of liberty, I think that everyone has the choice to celebrate Christmas in whatever way they want, and that includes not celebrating it at all. I have noticed that non-Christians (well, my religion is a mystery) in North America have co-opted the gift giving part of Christmas into their lives. I think its cool.

Obviously it has religious aspects and some people observe them and others don't.
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Join the Death Pool. Good prizes and it costs nothing to join.
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I'm Bach.

WaPo has a piece on a possible replacement for Larry Lindsey. It's Stephen Friedman, former co-chairman of Goldman Sachs (along with Robert Rubin). I don't know too much about him, so I don't know what to say.
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I'm going to sleep after a long night of blogging and studying (more of the former). Be back in the afternoon.
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Preity Zinta is an amazingly hot Indian actress. You have to check her out. Here are some pics. This just shows, that, despite all it's problems and issues, India is free country. When was the last time you saw a picture of a Pakistani actress or a Saudi one? Even if you did manage to see one, she was probably in burkha, wasn't she?

Preity's dimples get me every time.

I'm sure some of my readers are familiar with her. How about the Anti-Idiot?
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The Anti-Idiot uncovers this gem. It's just further proof that celebrities should shut the hell up when it comes to just about anything related to politics and current issues. This is ripe for the Fisking(TM)

P. Diddly Doo, says that we should send in tanks, planes, etc into Africa to combat the AIDS epidemic. Tell me again, how this works? Although he doesn't say it in these exact words but, well read it for yourself:

If this was white people in London, it would be on CNN nonstop, breaking news, all day, every day. We’d be sending tanks, planes, trains, we’d be giving away the medicine for free.

He also says:

There should be U.N. special meetings, there should be worldwide attention from world leaders on this, no matter about access to gold or oil or the Gulf or whatever. If you’re a world leader and you do nothing about these children dying, you’re just nasty.

We do have meetings about it and there is attention on the issue (AIDS Day was Dec. 1st), although I agree that it is not being given the attention it deserves, especailly by guys like Mbeki (a non-believer) amongst others. Gold hasn't been in the news- I'm not sure what he's talking about here. Clue us in Bad Boy. Of course it's all about the oil. What about the Iraqi people? Don't they deserve freedom? Or, maybe cause they're brown, he's confused about the whole matter, I mean, the whites control everything, the blacks are opressed. Where do the brown pople fit into the scheme?
Nasty!!! But if you care, you're a Bad Boy for LIfe.

Another nugget:

Y’all drop me in a village somewhere, and I’ll just be one of the cats on the corner, chillin’.

Sean, people in Africa are poor, especially in the villages, and don't have too much chillin time, especially for bums like you. They have families to feed and work to do. They won't be able to relate to your tales of making big bills. They don't got any. Also, your clothing and jewelry will make you stick out like a sore thumb.

We got [housing] projects at home. At least build them some projects! You can go to Sears and buy better sheds for your tools, y’know what I’m saying? Send a million of those over here.

Haven't the projects caused enough problems? Instead of sending over a million sheds from Sears ( I didn't know they were still in the business of making sheds), P Diddly Doo, why dontcha donate some money for retroviral drugs and local building materials. It will be a lot cheaper and, of course we don't want to be accused of being Imperialists who want to take over the world with our style of houses. I'm sure the people there can do a better job.

The last comment:

There ain’t no better place for me to hang out. I’m definitely coming back. Africa’s the new sexy spot. We’re going to make it hot.

Get your priorities straight Diddly, there are people starving and dying of AIDS (as he himself pointed out) and he wants to make it a big part spot. Excuse me???

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I'm thinking about putting up some endorsments/criticism of this blog up. So, why don't you guys put some stuff up and I promise, the best ones will go up. Start NOW!!.

Maybe I could use what the Emperor called me. "Imperial Citizen and Spy," sounds f*ckin cool, right?

Anybody else?
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I have a temporary/permanent solution to the whole RecipRoll thing. I just created another page. Whaddya think?
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My English went down the toilet for the Fisking. Here are the corrections and some (O.K. a lot of) additions:

I will be alerting the Emperor about this.

The chains, hoods and lack of privacy is only to prevent them from plotting, escaping or any such related activity. These guys killed 3,000 innocents on 9/11. Does Booby want us to give each of them a hotel suite with cable TV and a hot tub?? They get three meals, a bed, a roof over their heads and the freedom to prey. It's hell of a lot more than what we get if our boys are POWs. Remember Vietnam? McCain? These guys aren't even POW's anyway. They violated the Geneva Convention, so no POW status.

Holy crap- the Taliban have outsmarted us with pieces of paper and their memory. We must surrender. I mean, come on, we're so wedded to the high-tech system that we don't use humint. That's complete crap, something Booby has pulled out of his ass. What about all those Special Forces (Delta Force, etc) that were helping the planes JDAM the Taliban all the way back to the Stone Age (they were already in the Middle Ages as it is, we just gave them a nudge). We never knew about these guys until we were informed of it.

This intelligence guy that Booby talks to: does he know about each and every guy we have in Afghanistan and his location? Didn't think so.
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His Imperial Majesty links to the Fiskwah(TM) post below.

Props and Hail His Majesty
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:: Friday, December 06, 2002 ::

Booby Fisk has a column up in ArabNews. I have to pronouce a Fiskwah on tihs one. I will be alerting the Emperor about you.

The Americans take them shackled and hooded onto transport aircraft to Kandahar. They live in pens of eight or ten men. They are given cots with blankets but no privacy. They are forced to urinate and defecate publicly because the Americans want to watch their prisoners at all times.

Your point? These are the same guys who killed 3,000 people. Just because we want to make sure they aren't trying to escape or plot.

But United States forces have not only failed to hunt down Osama Bin Laden while they are preparing for war in Iraq: they are finding it almost impossible to crack the Al-Qaeda network because Bin Laden's men have resorted to primitive methods of communication that cut individual members of Al-Qaeda off from all information.

What about the guys we have captured or killed? OBL is probably dead, anyways. So now, we're too high tech for their superior primitive methods.

Here's what a supposed American intelligence officer said,

So they started using couriers to hand-carry notes on paper or to repeat messages from their memory and this confused our system. Our intelligence is high-tech — they went back to primitive methods that the Americans cannot adapt to.

So we don't have any humint in Afghanistan? Bullshit. I refuse to believe it. We're so wedded to the high-tech system we have that we can't intercept a few couriers. crappola.

Why doesn't Booby go over and chill with his Taliban buddies. He obviously loves them. I know this is a personal attack, but it's Booby Fisk. LOL.

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BlogDesign and Other Stuff

The column on the left has become wider because it has to fit the RecipRoll link of the Amish Tech Support Death Pool link. It doesn't look so good, so I was thinking that, maybe I remove it altogether and have a manual list that I edit instead of the current automatic list done by blogrolling.com. Whaddya think? In the manual list, I'd put names (with links) instead of a complete address.

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This is so juvenile and so funny at the same time. I put up the joke there. I'll reproduce it here:

I met this chick and she said to, Give me 12 inches and make me bleed.
I told her, how bout I give you 6(4) inches twice(thrice) and I punch you in the nose.

It's juvenile as well, but who cares. I'm not PC in any case. the 4 and 6 are interchangeable but I think its funnier with the 4.

Link to graffiti via Michele again
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Idiocy up North

Some Canadians are going to Baghdad to act as human shields. They're hoping (against reason and fact) to stop the invasion of Iraq. According to this aritcle they are worried about the civillian casualties. Well you know, if they die during our invasion, it will be added to the civillian casualties and people will say, I told you so. Of course these idiots don't realize that we're trying to help the very people you claim to care about. Don't they realize that, by acting as human shields they are helping perpetuate a regime that tortures, gasses, murders and opresses the people of Iraq.

One of the women going said, “I’m not too scared. I think it will be a powerful experience.” That's for sure- JDAMs away.

Link via Michele
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I have included my story about the 2000 Presidential Election
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Victor David Hanson's latest

It's called America Upside Down. It looks at the situation if the tables were turned. Go read it.

Link via LGF
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Bush Economic Team

O'Neil and Larry Lindsey have resigned, CNN is reporting, via Scott Koenig.

Isn't the economy coming back? It grew 4% ( I think so) last quarter, didn't it? Although unemployment is almost at 6% and United Airlines is about to go bankrupt, it's not that bad, maybe it's just me.

In other news, Scott has a post which includes a link to a really cool pic of our armed forces in action. Check it out.
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Zimran Ahmed has the goods on the latest Krugman column. He talks about the Telecom Act and how the FCC is screwing all of us. He is arguing for more government regulation. He also makes some contradictory claims. Why don't you just clink on the link, cause Ahmed does a better job, anyway.
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I was playing around with the Template and something has gone horribly wrong. The title for my Blogroll has disappeared and the background for the blogroll has turned light blue. Can someone help me with this.

UPDATE: I just panicked there, some more playing around and it's fixed. I rock, lol.
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Greens and GM food

Suman Palit has posted on this extensively but I have to point out this old (Sept 22, '02) column in the Times of India. Swaminathan Anklesaria Ayer (it's quite a mouthful) write about the food crisis in Africa and how it could affect India in the future. He makes a lot of valid points.

We've been eating GM food for years and sh*t has yet to happen. Anyways, genetic mutation and cross-breeding happen in nature all the time, all we're doing is speeding it up.
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:: Thursday, December 05, 2002 ::
ArabNews again

Here's an excerpt from the Editorial in ArabNews (Background info: The Editorial is on the solving of the Sri Lankan civil war with Oslo negotiations):

I'm going to have to Fisk this, can't stand the urge any longer, have to Fisk.

Incidentally, that quality of respect is what is missing so grievously from another conflict that Oslo sought to end: the Israeli-Palestinian confrontation. Israeli Zionists consider the Palestinians to be nothing better than interlopers, who should be deported en masse from the last of the lands that have been their home for centuries.

And it has been a home for Jews for millenia. Your point? They also call the Israelis, Zionists, to remind their readers of, perhaps, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

It is hard to feel respect for someone when you have a gun barrel over them and your boot on their neck. Palestinians, for their part, are too full of anger at the way in which they have been so long humiliated, to feel any respect for many, if any, Israelis.

Of course, these guys very conveniently ignore the fact that the Palestinians have been offered a state of theri own numerous times, only to be rejected. Even if they don't remember the offer in '48, at least remember what Barak offered. Of course it was rejected, and the current intifiada was started. They also conveniently leave out the professed aim of the various organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and even the PLO, i.e. the elimination of the state of Israel.

Whaddya think? Me thinks, not to shabby, for a rookie.

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ArabNews: smirk, smirk

While looking through the cesspool of ignorance that is ArabNews, I saw this letter in the Letters section:

Communication is the key

Having watched Adel Al-Jubeir’s press conference on CNN this Tuesday night, I am totally in agreement with what he said. It would be only a moron that could think that the government of Saudi Arabia would be willingly financing Al-Qaeda or Bin Laden for obvious reasons.

I only wish (and probably the whole of America also wish) that Bush was as good an orator as Al-Jubeir. What an excellent spokesman for Saudi Arabia!

Roy MacArthur, United States published 6 December 2002

So where is Roy MacArthur anyway? I'd like to sit down and wake him up from his hypnosis. Roy, if you're reading this, what about the money given by the wife of the Saudi ambassador to the people who were friendly enough with the terrorists to let them stay at their house.
Also, Mr. MacArthur, it would be, "the whole of America also wishes," but it ain't buddy. We don't want a slimy guy like Al-Jubeir as President. We've already had a slimey President (Bubba) and, well, nothing more needs to be said.

I wouldn't be surprizrd if Arab News had made up this guy and gotten a staffer to write a letter- this is pure speculation, of course.

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The Concordia University (Montreal, Canada) Chanukah rally/party went well. There were some hecklers but no violence. It's all here
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Canada is finally going to ban Hezbollah. they finally caught on to the fact that Hezbollah's social wing is very much a party to their professed goal of eliminating Jews.

Here's some more Canadian news: Their gun registry, which already has huge cost over-runs needs another $72 million (Canadian). It was supposed to cost $2 million Canadian. It has already cost them $1 billion Canadian. And all the Cretinman can say is: "Yes, there were cost overruns," said Mr. Chrétien. "It was more than we expected, but the system is in place and it's a good system, and it's very good for Canadian citizens."

In defending the program, Mr. Chrétien said Canada has "five times, six times" fewer murders by guns than in the United States and that police favour the registry central to the initiative.

Of course Mr Cretin forgot to mention a few facts:
Since Canada has fewer people, they should have fewer murders.
Also, most gun owners in Canada are in rural areas and own hunting rifles
Another point of note: Hand-gun crime in Canada has increased 13% since the start of the registry.

Puts it into perspective doesn't it.

Links via Canadian Loudmouth

UPDATE: For Fact-checking
The Canadian gun numbers are here
The hand-gun crime figures are here
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Cato summons forth the powers of his Iron Fisk technique here to take care of some garbage from Arabnews.
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The Anti-Idiot has a post on the death of a Palestinian and his 12-year old son because of................graffiti. That's right, two groups were arguing over who gets to write on a wall and these two died as a result. Come on guys, you didn't kill any Jews, no 72 virgins for you, sorry.
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The Indepundit has a debate going with a reader. I am currently attempting to write a comment there. Find it all right here.
:: Sic Semper Tyrannis::Inscrutable American 2:48 PM [+] ::
I am now officially at an adjusted 200 visits (subtracting my 30). Is there a way to downwards adjust the counter?
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:: Wednesday, December 04, 2002 ::
The Economist has an article on the revival of the mainstream right in Austria. One of the reasons cited for their success is,

Moreover, the Social Democrats demand for higher social spending is just what makes Mr Schüssel and Austria's majority of voters on the right most queasy. Indeed, one reason for the People's Party victory in Austria was the recent dismal economic performance of neighbouring Germany's “red-Green” coalition. .

Although the People's party sounds Commie, they are the "right" party. Haider's party (you migt remember him) lost big as well. So the party with advocating a freer market won without the rascism associated with Jorge Haider.

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Ollie Abbot has a site called The Life and Times of Ahmed and Mohammed. Check out the Comics. I found this via Meryl Yoursh.
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This is really cool site, especially for people who build their own computers. They have all sorts of stuff on cases etc.
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Mommy, Mommy Joke

This is my favorite. I got it from this site.
Mommy, Mommy! Can I go to the toilet?
Yes Johnny I'll take you in a minute.
Can Granny take me?
Her hand shakes.

Via Robert Prather.

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The Anti-Idiot hands Hans Blix his ass on a platter (not literally, now that'd be funny) by showcasing his incompetence. No wonder the inspectors (including a member of a S&M club) can't find anything, their leader sucks. Time for a football analogy. If the QB sucks, the team will loose. No two ways about it.
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The Emperor has a post on Amnesia (Amnesty) Int'l whining about us firing a Hellfire missile on those guys in Yemen, among which was a US citizen.

Here's my reaction: Amnesia guys, are you going to go to the hellholes of the world to arrest terrorists and read them their rights? Are you going to stop the terrorists from attacking us? No, right. So, why don't you guys shut you're pie-holes and let the CIA and the US govt. do its job. 'Nuff said.
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The Anti-Idiot has all the numbers covered on the EU-US economic comparison with a special focus on Germany. The permalink isn't working for me, so here's his site, it's the first post as of now.
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Robert Prather has two posts, here and here about the state of the German economy. Their economy is in shambles and Schroder is raising taxes. I wonder where he got his economic advice. People in Germany want the deutch-mark (I hope I spelt it right) back. If any Britishers are reading this, guys, oppose the euro. Do you really want your economy going down the tube??
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I have 200 visits (that includes approx. 30 of my own) from the day I started counting. Thanks everyone.

Here's a couple of interesting things from the Time Zone share: I have visitors from India, the Near East, Australia, Europe and Brazil. The big surprize, for me is that 5% of the traffic is from Iceland. The rest is American/Canadian.
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I forgot to mention this earlier but I got the Satyameva Jayate from The Anti-Idiot. Check his site out.
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Steven Den Beste has a post on the differences between Europe and America. I think that the main difference is the culture. Because of this government here is smaller and less intrusive. All of this promotes the entrepreneurial spirit and draws skilled immigrants from Asia and Europe. This also draws less-skilled and unskilled immigrants from Central and South America. They all become Americans. In Europe, the belief is that the government can do it better. Paternalism is the order of the day. They have a we're better than everyone attitude that is completely false. If you want to call yourself the besst at something, base it on the truth, instead of talking out of your ass.
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:: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 ::
I get a mention in this post by His Imperial Majesty. Cool.
:: Sic Semper Tyrannis::Inscrutable American 11:28 PM [+] ::
Kerry makes an appearance on Moxie

Steven Den Beste has a story about a Marine in Bosina and a French soldier. It's pretty funny and demonstrates our attitute and theirs (France's) quite clearly. What that makes this even funnier is that the Marine is a woman. There are some doubts to the veracity of the story, though.
:: Sic Semper Tyrannis::Inscrutable American 6:48 PM [+] ::
Some European countries have banned kosher slaughter because it is supposedly inhumane. WTF. Lots of comments (197, when I checked) at LGF on this. Any comments?
:: Sic Semper Tyrannis::Inscrutable American 6:28 PM [+] ::
I've been reading Milton Friedman's Capitalism and Freedom and I have to say, this man is brilliant, to say the least. And I'm just half-way through the book. This guy has to be a prophet, of freedom, any way.

In Chapter VI, The Role of Government in Education, he says that the best way to go about it is to give everyone a voucher of a certain amount to be spent at a school of the individual's choosing, as long as it meets certain minimum requirements. He also advocates doing the same thing for higher education. According to him, good teachers are underpaid and bad teachers overpaid because of standardized payscales. It does not depend on how well you teach.

This book was written in 1962. Forty years later, a small part of this idea is being implemented.Check out his foundation. Also, see his autobiography (a short version) on the Nobel pages. He is the son of immigrants, like so many Americans. I think this is the beauty of America, that anyone can come here and become American.

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“How to Tell if You’ve Joined the ’Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy' ”
—things like:

—“You’re actually relieved that your daughter plays with dolls and your son plays with guns.”

—“You sit all the way through Dead Man Walking and at the end still want the guy to be executed.”

—“At your kids’ back-to-school night, you are shocked to discover the only dead white male on your tenth-grader’s reading list is Oscar Wilde.”

—“And by the end of the night you realize the only teacher who shares your values teaches phys ed.”

I guess it only applies to people with spouses and a family. From this article by Harry Stein. He's the guy who gave a speech at the Dallas Fed (it's old news). Stein was smeared after the speech for supposedly being rascist, anti-gays etc. All he did was talk about his journey from being a Lefitst in the 60's to a neoconservative. Via Robert Prather.

I'm trying to come with a different list for the young uns:

Any suggestions?

:: Sic Semper Tyrannis::Inscrutable American 1:49 PM [+] ::
The addition at the top is the motto of the Government of India. Pretty cool.

FACTOID: Aziz Poonawalla's last name is derived from the name of a city in India called Poona/Pune.
:: Sic Semper Tyrannis::Inscrutable American 1:24 AM [+] ::
I can't seem to get to Mark Steyn's latest article here. Although I haven't read it, Kathy K seems to think it's worth a post, so it must be good. It's about the Saudis.
:: Sic Semper Tyrannis::Inscrutable American 12:56 AM [+] ::
Here's some more tech news: A Dutch company has come out with a DVD player that plays DiVX. Good news for me and lots of people who download movies off the net. At Gizmodo
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:: Monday, December 02, 2002 ::
Here' some news on the technology front: There's a new type of DVD's out that stop working after 36 hours. Useful for rentals. I think they could also be used for long-term rentals by extending the time period.

:: Sic Semper Tyrannis::Inscrutable American 9:39 PM [+] ::
Here's some of the news doing the rounds in the blogosphere (in case you haven't already seen it):

The British have released a Report on the Human Rights abuses by Saddam's regime. This just makes the case for regime change more compelling.

Oriana Fallaci, the Italian journalist says, I Stand with Israel: I Stand with the Jews. It's an article on Euro Anti-Semitism. She is amongst the few Europeans to come out in favor of Israel and see the terrorists for who they really are. Here's a quote:

I find it shameful that the Roman Observer, the newspaper of the Pope--a Pope who not long ago left in the Wailing Wall a letter of apology for the Jews--accuses of extermination a people who were exterminated in the millions by Christians. By Europeans. I find it shameful that this newspaper denies to the survivors of that people (survivors who still have numbers tattooed on their arms) the right to react, to defend themselves, to not be exterminated again.

I find it shameful that in the name of Jesus Christ (a Jew without whom they would all be unemployed), the priests of our parishes or Social Centers or whatever they are flirt with the assassins of those in Jerusalem who cannot go to eat a pizza or buy some eggs without being blown up.

Courtesy of Iberian Notes

:: Sic Semper Tyrannis::Inscrutable American 9:08 PM [+] ::
I'm getting pretty sick traffic, by my standards anyway. I'm no Instapundit. My earlier numbers are slightly inflated because of my own visits. This was before I knew how to stop myself from being counted. Right now it's 175 and about 30 are probably mine. Just wanted to set it straight. Is there a way to permanently make sure I'm not counted? For now, I go to my sitemeter every time I log on to my DSL cause the IP address changes everytime I sign in. Not that I mind it, but it's a hassle. Is there a way to place a cookie on my computer that makes sure I don't get counted?
:: Sic Semper Tyrannis::Inscrutable American 8:43 PM [+] ::
This is a sick clock. I know it's old hat but it's still cool.
:: Sic Semper Tyrannis::Inscrutable American 8:32 PM [+] ::
The name has been changed to iFAQ.
:: Sic Semper Tyrannis::Inscrutable American 6:26 PM [+] ::
The IFAQ is up. There's not too much there right now - that's part of my inscrutability, though.
:: Sic Semper Tyrannis::Inscrutable American 6:23 PM [+] ::
The Emperor wants to cross the 100,000 visitor mark before his 4-month blogversary on Dec 7th.So go check it out.
:: Sic Semper Tyrannis::Inscrutable American 4:03 PM [+] ::
I'll soon be puttiing up a IFAQ (InFrequently Asked Questions) section.

Meanwhile, check out a pro-hunting editorial at the, (drumroll) NY Times. Yes, that's right, you're not seeing things.

Also, WaPo has an article on the anit-war movement. According to the article the anti-war movement is expandng beyond the usual suspects. It does not cite any stats and relies on the leaders of the movement to support its argument. Sounds more like an op-ed piece than something you'd find on the front page.

On reading through the whole article, you find that the supporters of this movement include Union leaders, Church leaders, old grandmas, etc. Btw, the supposedly new addition to the movement is called 'Mothers Against War." Seems more like grandmas to me. They're baby-boomers who seem to be nostaligic for the 60's.

Via Instaman
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Here's the latest "Cause of the Week" at the Weblog Action Center:

It's Support Our Servicemen by Kathy Kinsley.

Go and read it.
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I just posted a long comment on the Emperor's site on the post on Rachel Lucas's decision to record the stories of vets so that they aren't lost forever. Check it out here.
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