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:: Saturday, November 23, 2002 ::

I'm not banned in China yet, gotta work on it. Those turds in Beijing better listen up:

Taiwan is not a renegade province, it's the real government of China that will eventually be the government of all of China.

Tibet: Hell, you guys just marched in and took it over. The Tibetans are a distinct people just like the Uighurs. It's not like the mainland is monolithic (people-wise).

Falun Gong are peaceful people, but of course you guys are afraid of any ideology or idea that challenges your ideology of a supreme-state. Considering you've stopped following the economic aspects of it, you should junk the political aspects of it as well. You won't do it though, since it would strip you and your cronies of power.

Mao Zedong was a pathetic excuse for an asswipe who should remembered for all the murders he committed. Not directly, but that doesn't excuse his behavior is any way. Mao is a murderer. Cultural Revolution, or in non-commie speak: kill everyone who doesn't agree with you.

Let's see if this does anything.
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Mark Steyn has written a good piece once again. It's about Ramadan, the calls
for a bombing pause and the war on terror in general. Here's a quote from the

 The longer
this already too long period of phony war continues, the more likely it is that
even these stalwarts
(Britain, Australia and the US) will decay and
Canadianize. I worry about the thin line on which our civilization depends.

(Via Vodka Pundit)                              

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:: Thursday, November 21, 2002 ::
Jean Chretien

I know making fun of Jean Chretien is like shooting fish in a barrel. But this website is hilarious. It Chretienizes other websites (works best with wesbites that have a lot of text). In other words, it changes the text of the website to spell it in Chretien's speaking style.

(Initially posted at The Weblog Action Center)
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I initially posted this as a comment on Robert Prather's site.

Gore's book is (surprise, surprise) praised by Robin Toner in the NY Times Sunday Book Review except for the last sentence and I quote, "It can be preachy and didactic, and there were times when I could hear Al Gore's voice explaining some social trend veerrry sloooowwwly so I could un-der-staaaaand it." They finally realize that Gore is a condescending and puerile piece of sh*t. Of course, the book isn't given the Fisking it rightly deserves.

She also takes a dig at conservatives (I doubt there is a single NY Times article without some sort of criticism of conservatives and their ideas) by saying, "Somewhere, in the bowels of some Republican opposition research operation, ''Joined at the Heart'' is no doubt getting an exceedingly close reading by eagle-eyed young conservatives in search of ammunition for 2004. After all, the right considered Al Gore's last serious book, ''Earth in the Balance,'' a treasure-trove of wacky liberal thought about the environment, demonstrating Gore's unsuitability for the presidency, or at the very least his unsuitability to receive the votes of autoworkers and coal miners in key states."

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:: Tuesday, November 19, 2002 ::
Another thing, I've joined the Weblog Action Center as a poster. Great fun.
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I've been added to the blogroll of Moxie in the subcategory of politicos in the august company of InstaPundit, Rachel Lucas and Vodka Pundit amongst others. Mad props to Moxie.
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