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:: Friday, November 01, 2002 ::

"Saint Paul of Wellstone," as GOC calls him, was I'm sure a decent human being but politically he was way out left-field, not exactly where I have ever found myself. The nuts over at the Democratic Underground amongst others have pulled a nutty wacko theory out of their asses that the Republicans did it. Of course they did, they're evil, gun-carrying, chauvinist, rascist, not-caring-for-children people. Jeebus, people, wake up and smell the air. What the f**k have these people been smoking?

Here's the origin of this, as I see it:

Dumbocrat1: Yo man, pass me the shit. Gotta hit it up

Dimocrat2: Yo, those Republicans are trying to take over our country.

D1: Ya man, they killed Wellstone, they f**ked with his plane man.

D2: Puff, puff, smoke man. You're f**king up the routine man.

D1; Aiit, here finish it off.

End of conversation.

BTW, personally, since I have strong liberal (real liberal- as in liberty) tendencies, I have nothing against smoking weed. It is a personal choice, just like cigarettes and alcohol.
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I've added a couple more links to the list of stuff I read.

I have waited a long time for something like this to come out. All the $50 hammers and $300 toilet seats for the Pentagon paid off. Some really cool weapons. Oh yeah!!
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:: Tuesday, October 29, 2002 ::
Well, lots of interesting stuff going on..Wellstone died, Russian hostages rescued.....

The Harvard Crimson, to put it in Instapundit's words, gently fisks the anti-war preachers. I didn't expect anything like this from Harvard.

Here's a
petition I wouldn't mind supporting.

That's all for now....

Actually, I'll write a little more

Reason has a
debate between Brink Lindsey and John Mueller.

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