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:: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 ::

Finally figured out how to fit blogroll in to my links column. Sh*t. Anway, the EU is in trouble (cheers heard in the background) as Prodi gets into trouble by describing the growth and stability pact as stupid. The euro countries tie themselves into a straitjacket and want out now. The pact is flawed and should be repealed. The countries cannot set interest rates ( the ECB does that) and they can't increase spending. So there is nothing they can do about their economies. The ECB won't reduce interest rates because they want to control inflation, which is less of a threat right now than deflation. It's a mess. Britain should stay out of other hand-tying agreements and get out of this sh*thole.
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My last couple of posts have been sloppy. I was busy studying, so I could not post.
Anyway, here's something interesting, 66% of Canadians support greater economic ties with us, according to a poll done by the Liberals. I always knew there were sensible people up north. Chretien should be reading this.
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:: Monday, October 21, 2002 ::
Interesting stuff is going on- 2 men arrested, but according to CBS, they're not the snipers, so who are they??
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The announcement by Chief Moose (of Montgomery County, MD) is bizzare, to say the least. The sniper left a phone number, so why should he call it. Shouldn't the police call the number?

I hope a firearm-bearing citizen takes him down; that would be pretty darn sweet.
:: Sic Semper Tyrannis::Inscrutable American 12:30 AM
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