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:: Saturday, October 19, 2002 ::

I wrote a letter to the editor of the Tribune about the editorial ( here's my earlier post on it) and they are going to print it in the next issue (it will be out on Tuesday). Hip Hip Hooray.
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This is a great recruiting poster at NNP. Very hilarious Indeed. I'm ready to sign up.
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I have to comment on the sniper shootings in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. These killings are despicable, however certain anti-freedom people are using it to forward their agenda. Ballistic fingerprinting, sounds great on paper but in actuality it is just junk science.
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:: Thursday, October 17, 2002 ::
I will reproduce the Editorial here in verbatim :

The Sniper and social change
By Panthea Lee

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

It is the stuff of movies: the crazed, enigmatic serial killer, the eerie tarot card taunts, the mysterious white truck and the covert police investigation. The tale of the Beltway Sniper has all the elements of a Hollywood thriller, and that is the precise reason we are so engrossed by it, guiltily devouring every disturbing detail.

Since October 2, the sniper has been the chilling subject of national discourse, both in Canada and the United States. Shackles of fear have trapped the American people in a state of panic as the fatality figure climbs almost daily. Nine dead and two injured in twelve days and virtually no answers as to when he may strike again or when the killing spree will end. The American public is crying out against this unidentified, erratic and irrational killer targeting random individuals, and with good reason.

But what of the known, consistent and systemic killers that wound millions annually?

Fundamental flaws in our justice and health care systems, our existing social structures and our environmental policies cost lives and harm citizens daily. Yet, these stories hardly generate such strong visceral reactions. Instead, these problems in our society seem to have been reduced to the status of white noise, confined to the distant background of our daily lives, as they don't quench our collective thirst for fantasy in our news.

We are enchanted by fantasy, captivated by the worlds of cinema and television, where problems are due to exciting internal or interpersonal conflict or clear-cut questions of good versus evil. They are rarely attributable to deep-rooted political or social problems—such issues are reserved for those officials we elect every so often to debate in some room in Ottawa —and thus imply that our own problems can be solved through simplistic means instead of through fundamental re-evaluation and reform of business, policy and social institutions.

It is a tragedy that nine people have been killed by the sniper, but what of the countless number of faceless victims that have suffered due to inherent societal flaws? Yes, nine people have been killed, but what of the nine youth that die everyday from firearm accidents in the United States?

While a fierce campaign for the apprehension of one murderer rages, numerous other silent killers go unnoticed.

But there is some good that can emerge from these tragedies. The Columbine killings of 1999 sparked some debate on the issue of gun control, but perhaps this current string of events will act as a catalyst for some desperately needed dialogue about the reform of gun control laws in the US. It has already brought the issue to prominence as candidates in the upcoming Maryland state election have scrambled to address it in their platforms.

But a campaigner is not to be taken seriously and stubborn historical precedence, combined with the efforts of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the gun industry, has prevented a national ballistic identification system from being implemented in the US, which would allow law enforcement officials to trace weapons used in crime more effectively. Opponents to such a project have denounced it for fear that it would lead to a national gun registry database, and some—namely an Illinois chapter of the NRA—have gone so far as to allege that the sniper killings are part of an anti-gun conspiracy.

Why are lax gun control laws regarded as a pristine pillar of societal freedom that need to be so firmly defended, to the point where such conspiracy theories have materialized? The encouragement of discussion on the issue of gun control should be applauded, though it's unfortunate that it takes misfortune to bring about progressive action. Perhaps it's time we began taking preemptive action and examined other forces that wound our people, re-evaluating our political and social policies, before another great tragedy strikes.
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I happen to read a few college papers occasionally and have found a huge bias against liberal ideas ( in the classical sense) in general and against the United States in particular. While I admit that it is not a perfect place, it is by far the richest nation in the history of our world and it is very free. And we are moving towards that ideal everyday. Yesterday, I happened upon The McGill Tribune. It is published by the Students Society of McGill University. For anyone who doesn't know, McGill is located in Montreal, Quebec in the Great White North. The editorial for yesterday's paper was an especially vile peice. It says and I quote,"It is a tragedy that nine people have been killed by the sniper, but what of the countless number of faceless victims that have suffered due to inherent societal flaws? Yes, nine people have been killed, but what of the nine youth that die everyday from firearm accidents in the United States?"

What I would like to know is, where did the author, a student by the name of Panthea Lee, get these figures? Did she just pull them out of her ass? Also, according to her, the 2nd Amendment and case law on guns and the like is "stubborn historical precedent." Ms. Lee in this great country of ours, we take our laws and especially our Constitution seriously. It is not something that can be discarded like a used tissue.

I will write more later.

P.S. If anyone is actually reading this (which I sincerely doubt), you have to register to read the article.
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:: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 ::
Iraq: an issue that has been beaten to death. I think that we should go in and take out this threat to US national security and our commercial interests. I dealt with the Barbary pirates during my presidency while other nations appeased them and got nowhere as a result. We are an unabshedly capitalist nation, so defending our commerical interests should not produce any qualms.
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This is Thomas Jefferson (y'all can call me TJ :)) blogging from beyond the grave on this great land of ours and the world in general. I have learned 21st century English as have I learnt the use of computers and the Internet.
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